Maptek re-launches orelogy’s open pit scheduler

Maptek re-launches orelogy’s open pit scheduler

Maptek, a mining solutions developer, is re-launching its open pit scheduler as Maptek Evolution, after upgrading the software that it acquired from orelogy last year.

The new Maptek Evolution software, which runs from a cloud-based server, includes strategic planning and optimisation tools and functions to develop long term mining schedules.

“Processing schedules within a single solution and leveraging the cloud is 10 times faster than traditional methods… planning teams can concentrate on developing the scenarios that add value,” said Maptek Mine Scheduling Manager Steve Craig.
The complicated process of planning and scheduling is hoped to be made easier by the programme and allow engineers to identify the maximum efficiencies of operations ahead of time, this includes the ability to optimise allocation of transport links with calculated cycle times, productivity data and fuel useage.

“Holistic scheduling ensures optimised haulage routes and grade/tonnage consistency throughout the mine life.” Craig said
“Mine planners and management can feel confident that their decisions are based on profitability right from the start of their project. Yet there’s flexibility to adapt to fluctuating commodity prices”, he added.
The new Evolution programme has been designed for optimal integration with Maptek’s existing Vulcan mine planning software.

Article originally posted on Mining Innovation on 19th February 2015.