The Not So Usual Stuff

The Not So Usual Stuff

Over time, orelogy as a group and some of its key personnel individually have gained valuable experience in innovative and forward-facing mining technologies.

Cut-off Grade Optimisation

One of the key areas where a mining engineer can demonstrably add value to a mining project is in optimisation of the mill cut-off grade. The benefit to Net Present Value of determining an appropriate elevated cut-off grade strategy cannot be underestimated. It is not unusual to generate a value-add of greater than 10% by bringing higher grade ore forward and / or deferring feeding low grade material.

Blend Vector Modelling & Reserve Maximising

Blend Vectoring is an approach to maximise the conversion of mineral resource to saleable product, where that product is a trade-off of conflicting specifications (e.g. grade vs. contaminants). A blend vectored model effectively utilises a variable product / contaminant grade criteria that trades off material with varying qualities to end up with the highest convertible resource.

Alternative Haulage Technologies

As a result of orelogy’s acknowledged future facing approach to undertaking mine planning, we have been involved in numerous assessments of new or innovative mining approaches and technologies. In the areas of material transportation, this has included the assessment of Trolley-Assist Truck Haulage and Rail-Veyor Bulk Materials Haulage.