Haulage Methods

Alternative Haulage Technologies

As a result of orelogy’s acknowledged future facing approach to undertaking mine planning, we have been involved in numerous assessments of new or innovative mining approaches and technologies.

In the areas of material transportation, this has included the assessment of Trolley-Assist Truck Haulage and Rail-Veyor Bulk Materials Haulage.

Trolley-Assist Truck Haulage is a haulage system which utilises diesel-electric haul trucks and then directs grid-based electrical power directly to the truck via an overhead catenary or “trolley-line” in much the same way as a city tram. As a result of this approach the systems are primarily installed on pit and dump ramps, where the drastically reduced fuel consumption (the diesl engine is at idle while “on trolley”) and the increased travel speed (20kph – 25kph loaded up 1:10) result in the most significant cost and productivity benefits.

orelogy have been involved in the planning and design of the two largest trolley-assist projects in the world to be undertaken in the last 10 years.​

  • Lumwana Copper Project, Zambia (2006-2007)
  • Husab Uranium Project, Namibia (2008-present)

orelogy undertook the Pre-feasibility Study and Bankable Feasibility Study for both projects, and in the case of Husab continue to be involved in site planning support and implementation. For Husab this included all mining input to the Trolley-Assist Development Team for the Husab Project Joint Venture (HPJV), along with Siemens, the trolley infrastructure supplier. This puts orelogy in a unique position of having considerable experience in the design and planning of two major open pit mines for the implementation of trolley assist, not only at study level but also in the practical implementation of the system. There are a huge range of issues that need to be considered for trolley-assist to be successfully implemented. orelogy can provide the framework to ensure these issues are properly assessed or, more importantly, not missed entirely.

Rail-Veyor Bulk Materials Haulage is an electrically powered light-rail haulage solution for surface and underground applications in the mining and aggregate industries. It consists of a remotely operated electrically powered series of two wheeled railcars driven by power stations located along on a light-rail track in a manner reminiscent of a roller-coaster. It offers huge operating cost benefits not dissimilar to a conveyor but has the huge benefit of being able to cope with bends, undulations and a gradients up to 20%.

This technology has been used in underground and surface applications transporting ROM blasted material and primary crushed product and becomes extremely cost effective as distances increase. orelogy have assessed the potential to replace conventional truck haulage from the mine face to both ore stockpiles and waste dumps using the Rail-Veyor system.