Jericho Copper-Gold deposit

AIC Mines Limited (AIC) has assigned orelogy to undertake a Mining Study for the underground Jericho Copper-Gold deposit in Queensland.

Kalongwe Copper-Cobalt Project

In 2017 orelogy was commissioned by Nzuri Copper Ltd former Regal Resources Ltd to undertake the role in developing the Definitive Feasibility Study of the Kalongwe deposit.

Phu Kam Copper / Gold Project

In 2011, PanAust Ltd requested orelogy to create a Life of Mine schedule for their Copper-Gold mine in Laos, utilising the pit designs for this operation from 2011.

Varvarinskoye Copper-Gold Project

Orsu Metals Corporation approached orelogy in December 2008 to undertake a detailed mine planning study for the Varvarinskoye Copper/Gold operation in northern Kazakhstan

Shaimerden Project

In 2006 orelogy was invited by Zincox Resources plc to review the Shaimerden Zinc Oxide project in Kazakhstan.