POLYUS – Sukhoi Log Gold Mine

POLYUS – Sukhoi Log Gold Mine

SL Gold LLC (SLG) has commissioned orelogy Mine Consulting to act as the Owners Engineer for the engineering support and acceptance of a Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) for the Sukhoi Log Gold Mine.

orelogy has partnered with Pells Sullivan Meynink (PSM) and Majesso Consulting, to provide mine engineering, geotechnical, hydrogeological and mining equipment review services in the role of Owners Engineer.

Sukhoi Log Gold Mine is located in the eastern part of the Russia Federation within the Bodaibo district of the Irkutsk region and is one of the world’s largest gold greenfield projects.

The ultimate goal of the BFS will be to generate a robust project strategy that will:

– Maximise the value of the project, while also
– Providing the best opportunity to develop the project with the greatest likelihood of success, and
– Produce a mine plan which ensures ore continuity over the life of the schedule

The scope of work is split into 5 key areas focusing on an assess and review:

1) Mining Operations
2) Mining Equipment
3) Geotechnical
4) Hydrogeological
5) Work Organisation

Further information can be found on the Polyus website.

Website: https://www.polyus.com/en/operations/development_projects/sukhoy-log/