Kathleen Valley

orelogy maximises project value and provide the foundation for the DFS and subsequent decision to develop the project.

Thor Lake Nechalacho Project

The Nechalacho project is a high grade, light rare earth (bastnaesite) project located at Nechalacho in the Northwest Territories of Canada

Mahenge Graphite Project

In 2016 orelogy was requested by Black Rock Mining Ltd to undertake the mining component for the Mahenge Graphite Project Pre-Feasibility Study in Tanzania.

Nachu Graphite Project

orelogy undertook the mining component of the previous Pre-Feasibility Study undertaken on Nachu and completed in March 2015.

Pilgangoora Lithium Project

In 2015 orelogy was commissioned by Altura Mining Limited to undertake a Mining Preliminary Feasibility Study on their Pilgangoora Lithium project which is located approximately 90km to the south of Port Hedland in Western Australia.